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Posts from November 2019

What are Diagnostics?

           What Are Diagnostics? In car repair shops, “diagnostics” generally means either determining the cause of an illuminated “Check Engine Light,” determining why your car is performing poorly, or determining why your car failed an emissions test. A vehicle may come in for all three [...]

How Cold Weather Effect Electric Vehicles

The Effects of Cold Weather on Electric Vehicles                Colder temperatures can cause reductions in the range of an electric vehicle of 25% or more. Batteries discharge more quickly in cold weather, and they charge more slowly.  Also, the additional draw on batteries from [...]

Financing Options

Financing options are an important part of any car repair decision. At Sant Automotive, we understand. Proper car repair and maintenance can be expensive, so we’re taken steps to make sure that our customers can afford us. First, our digital inspections inform our customers about what expenses to expect in the future. Second, we have teamed with OneMain [...]

Loaner Cars

Sant Automotive has two laoner cars available for our customers' convenience. We have a 2009 Chevy Malibu and a 2015 Chevy Malibu. Each has our name and phone number written on the side. So, if you forget where you got one, you can pull over, check the side and give us a call. To use the loaner cars, we require a valid driver's license and proff of [...]

Are Car Expenses Tax Deductible?

First, Sant Automotive does not provide tax advice, and we strongly urge our readers to check this information with their tax advisors. That said, both employees and business owners who use their vehicles for business purposed may be able to deduct certain expenses. When thinking about deducting business expenses, there are a few key items [...]