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How do you check tire pressure?

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential to provide better handling, fuel economy, ride quality, and tire life. The first step to checking tire pressure is to obtain tire gauge. There are two basic types, the stick type that employs a plastic gauge and an analogue type that has a sweep hand. Sant Automotive generally recommends the analogue type [...]

Who’s the Newest Michelin Dealer in Crestwood

michelin man tire logo
Who is the newest Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal dealer in Crestwood? Sant Automotive is. Henceforth, and until further notice, we will be selling our Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal tires at our cost. If you’d like us to mount and balance them, we will charge $25 per tire. Valve stems will be complimentary with purchase, and we will provide [...]

Wagner Quickstop Brakes & Brake Fluid

Sant Automotive offers a selection of brake pads to suitable for almost every car or light truck on the road. Wagner Quickstop pads are a favorite because they are long lasting, quiet, and dependable. For pickups, SUVs, and CUVs, we now proudly offer Wagner OEX brake pads. These brake pads feature proprietary friction formulations and platform specific [...]

Headlights & Reverse Headlights

Recently, I wrote a post about Sylvania Silver Star Ultra headlights. I mentioned that they do an incredible job increasing visibility without blinding oncoming drivers. Anyway, I mentioned to a friend who doesn't like driving at night, and he asked me about Silver Star Ultra reverse lights. I had no idea that they existed, but I do now. I've found them to [...]

Improve Visibility

car headlights
Recently, I was dissatisfied with my ability to adequately see the road at night, particularly in unlit areas without adequate paint. To improve visibility from my2013 Toyota Tundra seemed to have diminished, and I saw this as particularly troubling because the headlight assemblies were neither foggy nor discolored. (Oxidation causes this condition and can [...]

Sant Automotive is a Michelin Tire Dealer

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We are pleased to announce that Sant Automotive has joined the 2016 Michelin OMA Dealer Program. This means that we can provide extremely competitive pricing on Michelin’s full line of tires including the popular Defender, Energy, Premier, Primacy, Latitude, and LTX lines as an official Michelin tire dealer. Regardless of whether the most important [...]

What is the Ethanol Cliff

The term “ethanol cliff” refers to an EPA mandate that refiners use a certain volume of ethanol in their gasoline each year. For 2013, the proscribed volume is 13.8 billion gallons. If ethanol actually worked as advertised and if it were more efficient to produce ethanol, this may not be such a bad thing. The problem is that [...]

How Regenerative Braking Works

When you step on your brakes, you are converting kinetic energy to heat. Kinetic energy can get you to the grocery store. Heat can not. If you could figure out how to harness the heat or if you could figure out how not to brake at all, you could save all sorts of energy.. Luckily, some really smart engineers are working on braking systems that capture [...]

What is Ecoboost? | Direct Injection Systems Maintenance

cylinder head
EcoBoost is the trade name that the Ford Motor Company uses for its direct injection system. Chevrolet calls it Ecotec, Mazda calls it DISI, Volkswagen’s is GDI, etc. The goal of direct ignition engines is to increase power and fuel economy while reducing emissions. Increased fuel economy and decreased emissions are two sides of the same coin, but I [...]

How to Avoid Rodent Damage to Your Car

Over the years, Sant Automotive has encountered all variety of incidents of animals in vehicles. We captured an un-injured boa constrictor in an engine compartment; we removed a cat from a water pump; and we have run across damage caused by mice, rats, and squirrels. Frequently, we encounter signs that animals have been present. Most often, we find and [...]