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Car Battery Replacement

Sant Automotive is here for you when you need to check your battery or install a new car battery. The battery is integral to the engine management system and thus a very important part to keep healthy.

Do Car Batteries Have a Warranty?

Regarding batteries, we prefer AC Delco Gold batteries which come with a 42-month free replacement. When it comes to batteries and alternators, choose the best, and choose Sant Automotive to keep you on the road. For any questions, please give us a call at 314-849-2900.

Changing Your Car Battery or Restoring Dead Car Battery?

Replacing your car battery when it is drained will  prevent additional damage to your alternator. The alternator is designed to keep your battery charged; however, to completely fill a drained battery it would work overtime and could become damaged. Because of this, we recommend seeing a specialist before you try to restore a dead car battery.

Car Battery Longevity

Most batteries are said to be “maintenance free.” This means that there is no longer a need to add water to them. Maintenance free, however, does not mean that the electrical system is maintenance free. You need to keep an eye out for corrosion on battery terminals or on battery cable ends, which increase resistance and cause heat that can put stress on your alternator.