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How do you check tire pressure?

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential to provide better handling, fuel economy, ride quality, and tire life. The first step to checking tire pressure is to obtain tire gauge. There are two basic types, the stick type that employs a plastic gauge and an analogue type that has a sweep hand. Sant Automotive generally recommends the analogue type because they are easier to read.

check tire pressure

With either type of tire gauge, remove the cover from your tire’s valve stem and hold the gauge firmly against the top of the stem. Check the gauge and adjust tire pressure accordingly. To inflate a tire, firmly hold the end of the air hose against the valve stem until the sound of air escaping is minimized. To deflate the tire, press the nib, or small bump, on your gauge against the Schrader valve in the tire.

When checking tire pressure and inflating tires, there are a few crucial facts to remember: 1.) Use the manufacturer’s placard in the driver’s door jamb to determine optimal pressure; and 2.) Inflate your tires when it’s cold outside.

All light truck and passenger tires have a maximum inflation pressure listed on them. Do not use this number; it is specific to the tire and not the vehicle. Tire pressure rises with tire temperature. If it is necessary to inflate tires when hot, a general rule of thumb is to inflate them to about four pounds above that listed of the placard. When your tires cool, re-check them.

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