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How Do I Change a Car Battery

How Do I Change a Car Battery



Changing a car battery is a relatively simple procedure. As with any automotive project, please remember that safety is the key. In addition to the required tools, here are a few items that you should gather up before you get started: safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a long sleeve shirt. The rubber gloves and long sleeve shirt are important, especially if your old battery leaks.

If possible, use a battery saver. If your battery is not completely dead, a battery saver may maintain the operation of your vehicle’s computer allowing you to avoid having to have the on board computer reprogrammed. Also, a battery saver help avoid the need to reprogram your radio and reset your clock.

If you have the opportunity to change your battery in a well vented area, take advantage of it. This will negate the risk of fumes.  Next, be careful not make contact with the positive and negative battery terminals and cables at the same time. Arcing the cables can cause shock and damage electrical components. Remove the negative battery cable and then the positive cable. Find the battery hold down and remove the hardware that is holding the battery in place.

Remove the battery from your vehicle. Be careful. The battery may be heavy and awkward to remove. Rubber gloves will prevent skin exposure to battery acid, and a battery carrier will make the task easier. Once the old battery has been removed, clean the battery tray and battery terminals. Steel wool and wire brushes work well to clean battery terminals. Spraying the terminal ends with a battery cleaner. Using non-corrosive battery terminal pads is also a good idea.

Once the battery tray and terminals are clean, install the new battery and secure it using the vehicle’s battery hold down. Then, attach the negative and then the positive battery terminal. When tightening the terminal ends, again, be sure not to make arc the battery. Make sure that the battery terminals are tight. Then, grab a beer. Your done.