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Improve Visibility

Sylvania SilverStar headlights are the brightest and whitest headlights that Sylvania makes

Recently, I was dissatisfied with my ability to adequately see the road at night, particularly in unlit areas without adequate paint. To improve visibility from my2013 Toyota Tundra seemed to have diminished, and I saw this as particularly troubling because the headlight assemblies were neither foggy nor discolored. (Oxidation causes this condition and can be remedied by having the headlamps professionally polished. Headlight polishing is a service that we offer.) Because the headlights were not discolored, it was obvious that the solution was to try different bulbs. After researching replacement bulbs, I realized that the best alternative for me to improve visibility was Sylvania SilverStar Ultra headlights. SilverStar Ultras are the brightest and whitest headlights that Sylvania makes. The brightness allows for greater downroad visibility with improved side road and peripheral visibility, and the whiteness improves contrast. Long story short: the headlights work to perfection. SilverStar Ultras are more expensive than standard headlights, but they perform very well and they have a longer service life than many premium headlights. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when replacing headlights: Always replace headlights in pairs. Because the lamps are operating at the same time under the same conditions, it is likely that they will fail close to the same time. Also, replacing just one light creates an unequal field of vision which can be confusing both to the vehicle’s driver and to drivers of other vehicles. Headlamps will dim as they age, so it is a good idea to replace them every few years. If you have a headlight burn out before the “few years” is up, don’t wait, replace both, and please don’t sue me for saying that you only need to replace them every few years.

Premium Wiper Blades will also significantly improve visibility. There are a ton of great blades on the market, but we think that the best blades for the money are the Anco Profile and the Anco Contour. Each of these beam blades proved all season performance. The back of the blade, or beam, is a curved piece of plastic, the tension of which holds the rubber to the windshield. The advantage is that this creates an infinite number of pressure points of blade-to-windshield contact. Also, because there is no metal structure on the back of the blade, snow and ice cannot become trapped. Next time you buy blades. Think about upgrading.

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