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Wagner Quickstop Brakes & Brake Fluid

Sant Automotive offers a selection of brake pads to suitable for almost every car or light truck on the road. Wagner Quickstop pads are a favorite because they are long lasting, quiet, and dependable. For pickups, SUVs, and CUVs, we now proudly offer Wagner OEX brake pads. These brake pads feature proprietary friction formulations and platform specific shapes that are designed to nearly double pad life while reducing dust and rotor wear. Cool part: The unique shape of each pad is designed to create turbulent air flow that better dissipates the heat created by pad/rotor contact. Personal Finance Editor Justus Tentschert assures me that the ability to double the useful life of a product without even coming close to doubling the price has to be a pretty darn good deal.

Also, especially in light and heavy truck applications we have found the original, severe duty brakes are most appropriate. Specifically, we like those produces by Motorcraft and AC Delco.

Every vehicle manufacturer recommends that brake fluid be changed periodically. The reason is simple: brake fluid is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere. As moisture content increases, boiling point decreases. This means that the excessive heat caused by the friction between your vehicle’s rotors and pads will boil the fluid at a lower temperature resulting in “pedal fade.” This condition reduces stopping distances. Also, brake fluid that has a high moisture content or that has become corrosive can lead to damage of expensive anti-lock brake components.