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What is the Difference Between a Recall and a TSB?

A vehicle recall occurs when either a vehicle manufacturer or the National  Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a particular year make and model of vehicle has a specific manufacturing defect that causes of safety concern for the driver or occupants of a vehicle or for the motoring public in general. If a vehicle is recalled, the manufacturer is required to correct the unsafe condition at no cost to its owner. In most cases, the repair or correction must be done by a dealer of the make of car involved. 

A Technical Service Bulletin (or TSB) is merely a guide, published by a specific vehicle manufacturer, that contains instructions as to how to address a specific customer concern. TSBs may cover one specific vehicle, or they may cover many. For example, TSB 00-00-89-027J is a TSB published by General Motors that discusses how to get rid of odors in all GM vehicles.  Typically, a TSB will state whether or not warranty coverage exists for the concern that is the subject of the bulletin.

The good thing about recalls is that they never expire, and the parts and service needed to perform the recall must be performed at no cost to the vehicle’s owner. Alternatively, TSBs are published just to address common concerns. Really, they are just instructions for the manufacturer to cover problems with vehicles that may arise. The fact that a TSB exists has no bearing on whether or not the concern addressed will be covered under warranty.

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