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Who’s the Newest Michelin Dealer in Crestwood

Who is the Newest Michelin Dealer in Crestwood ?

Who is the newest Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal dealer in Crestwood? Sant Automotive is. We sell our Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal tires at ridiculously low price . If you’d like us to mount and balance them, we will charge $25 per tire. Valve stems will be complimentary with purchase, and we will provide free tire rotations with synthetic oil changes whether you buy your tires from us or not. Thus, you will save big money.

State of the Art Alignment Service

Our trained technicians use Hunter Engineering’s  WinAlign alignment system to our customers with the most accurate wheel alignments available. Proper alignment will improve handling and prolong the life of your tires.  Heck, if you buy tires from us, we will provide a free alignment check upon request.

Our tire Pricing is Crazy

If you Google “Tire Shop Near Me,” Hopefully, Sant Automotive will come up. If it does, give us a call. If it doesn’t, well, you’ll probably never read this anyway. If you call us and ask us about tires, you’ll probably be thinking, “My God, Dick, you’ve gone crazy. What are you thinking,”  Thanks for thinking. Here’s the thinking. “Our pricing strategy will make us ridiculously competitive on higher end tires, kind of competitive at lower end tires, and priced out of the market on tires that I wouldn’t put on an enemy’s rented mule cart.” Therefore, we will bring in a bunch of higher end customers with our pricing on higher end tires and that we will bring them back with our service. By the way, please do not share this with my competitors. I worry that they may abduct my daughter’s cat in retribution. Also, our customers will further benefit from our association with Michelin by the ability to participate in Michelin’s “Dealer only” sales.

Thanks for your time. To make an appointment, call us at 314-849-2900.