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At Sant Automotive, we will make sure you drive comfortably in the hot St. Louis weather with your car ac functioning properly. Choose a reputable shop that is fully trained to provide the services you require. For Ac service and repair, this means that the ac service technician should have a license to handle refrigerant. Sant Automotive is your ac mechanic shop that will keep you on the road and cool. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please give us a call at 314-849-2900.


Car AC Service and Repair

If your car AC is not working properly, we will check that the ac system parts are working properly, and check if the ac refrigerant levels are low. If you smell a foul odor, this indicates bacteria growth and you will need an ac service tune up to clean out the harmful germs.

Air conditioning systems work on a principle called “phase transition.” As a refrigerant gas vaporizes, it absorbs heat; when it returns to a liquid state, it dissipates heat. Air conditioning systems are comprised of five major components: the compressor, condenser, receiver/drier, the expansion valve, and the evaporator. Without going into detail, these parts circulate the refrigerant and drive the phase transitions.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is a closed loop; that is, refrigerant is not actually consumed in the air conditioning process. Therefore, if your car is low on refrigerant, we will look for a leak. Recharging a leaking system is a waste of money and bad for the environment. Next, we recommend using an automotive ac specialist who knows the proper amount of refrigerant to use for your system. Automotive air conditioning systems require increasingly less refrigerant to properly operate. A system that is either over or under charge by just a few ounces will not function as efficiently as one that is properly charged.


For more information, check out this excellent video made by one of our providers AC Delco: